#101: Powerful Ideas To Transform Your Outdoors With Landscape Lighting

Gone are the old days, when you were only enthusiastic about interior designing your home. Earlier, people cared only about adding safety lights to their home exteriors. However, now most of you prefer to deck up your homes inside out. Thus, outdoor spaces have become integral in fulfilling our dream of a "homely" home.

There are thousands of ways in which you light up your outdoors. Some of you may prefer to add quaint lighting that simply adds a glow to your home from outside. On the other hand, if you're fond of hosting small parties and meetups, you would go for more majestic lighting fixtures to illuminate your home. Landscape lighting is a newfound trend out of this wide range of options. And, it is becoming very popular among homemakers. So, why don't we jump right in and check out this up-and-coming lighting trend?

Why Do We Need Effective Outdoor Lighting?

After an eventful day at work amidst tight schedules, all you would want is one thing; Come home. After all, having some quiet downtime or even relaxing with family and friends is the ultimate mood-lifter! Maybe, you would want to whip up a hearty meal with your favorite bites and grab them outdoors; simply chill and enjoy the gorgeous dusk while you sip from a glass of wine and munch on some food.

Landscape lightingPhoto by Binyamin Mellish

Or, perhaps it’s your kid’s birthday and you want to host an intimate birthday celebration with your near and dear ones. What else can match the vibes of a well-lit night party setting in your outdoors? You will certainly click snaps of the memorable day when your lovely child is all starry-eyed and excited about the birthday cheer.

All these instances need on-point outdoor lighting to imbibe the essence of the evening. Hence, outdoor lighting can truly transform the overall appeal of your home to a whole new level. Besides, it proves useful in highlighting all the incredible features, making them the hallmark of your home. Outdoor lighting is essential to bring out a wonderful aura around your home to let you enjoy the outdoor spaces with your friends and family.

Illumining your outdoors mainly serves three purposes. Firstly, it’s a major source of safety light during the night. Though many of you don’t prefer to install a flickering bulb to light up the way to your home, safety lighting is inevitable. But, there are more effective and interesting ways to do it.

Secondly, if your home has a beautifully embellished exterior like rustic walkways or vintage charms, then it calls for good outdoor spotlighting. Accent lighting is beneficial in projecting such special features of your home.

Finally, the trending outdoor light system - the landscape lighting. These days, every home hosts a well-maintained garden or a cute little green space around the home. Thus, landscape lighting plays an influential role in elevating the elegance of your home.

Top 4 Ways To Add Active Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lightingPhoto by Konstantinos Eleftheriadis

Unlike the usual outdoor lighting, landscape lighting is a bit different in its purpose as well as meeting your desired aesthetics. In most homes, landscape lights are needed to light up the garden area or other foliage around the home. Rarely do we use statement lighting pieces to highlight your outdoor landscape. So, be smart and choose lighting fixtures that best suit your needs!

Now, if you're confused about what sort of look you expect to attain, do not worry! Lighting Gallery is here with some alluring lighting ideas to adorn your outdoor landscape with whimsical charisma. Let's dive in!

1. Layer the lights in your yard

Layering your home doesn't end with just the interiors. You can enliven your home by layering lights outdoors as well. Now, let's come down to the idea that one-dimensional lighting is boring and monotonous. So, your lighting needs to break away from just a single piece of lighting.

Now, layering lights add a spectacular dimension to your exteriors. Adding multiple levels of lights will elevate the dramatic element very much. A Hinkley or Quoizel lantern can complement your walls while a series of recessed lights can highlight the floors. Mounted lights on the roof will brighten up the whole mood of your home.

2. Create a welcoming entrance

A first impression is always worth the wait. To create such a striking first look, it's necessary to illuminate your entrance door, gateways or porches. Besides, it adds to the safety by lighting up your home from outside for the visitors or guests.

You can choose to add warm lights and colors with spotlights, or recessed lights. Adding welcoming lights to the walkways will impart a unique charm of its own to the entrance of your home. To enhance the vintage theme, consider opting for a pier lamp from Hinkley or Generation Lighting to cast its magic.

Outdoor living spacesPhoto from Destination Lighting

3. Light up the bucolic walls and garden

If your exterior features stoned walls or a lush green garden, it definitely needs to catch everyone’s eyes! Adding bold lighting fixtures will reveal a dramatic play of lights and shadows, leveling up your exteriors incredibly. The antique finish of the brickwork or stones on your exterior walls will be well-lit with a series of recessed lights.

Other exterior features like a blooming garden and stone benches all improve the appeal of your home. So, why not add a touch of drama and elegance with Lighting Gallery? A Hinkley sconce or luna light will seamlessly throw the desired light effect to the exterior elements such as gardens, huge trees, boundary foliages, etc.

4. Illuminate your outdoor living spaces

Setting up your outdoor extensions is as important as illuminating your living or dining spaces inside the home. Having an outdoor lounge to relax with friends and family, or to host intimate parties is quite exciting. But, it invites a checklist on your outdoor lighting as well. The key is to install lighting fixtures that warm up the atmosphere, opening your outdoors for little chit-chats and fun conversations.

Linear lights such as John Richard and Arteriors chandeliers are the best choices to deliver subtle yet magnificent lighting to outdoor living spaces. You can also light up the porch or your outdoor dining with pendant lights from ET2 and Kuzco. Opt for classy and sleek fans to ensure there’s enough air movement. It will encourage your guests to feel more relieved and relaxed while engaging in some quality time together. Add a Minka Aire or Hinkley fan to get the premium feel instantly.

Brighten Up Your Outdoors With Lighting Gallery

Along with detailing your architectural extravaganza, landscape lighting can help you add a touch of magic to your home. It serves both style and functionality if you make wise choices of lighting pieces. Even without an exclusive landscape planner, you can do wonders and zhuzh up the look of your home outdoors with Lighting Gallery! Happy lighting :)

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