A Guide To Choosing The Right Ceiling Fans For Your Home

When it comes to designing the interiors of your home, functionality plays an invincible role over every other factor of style and elegance. However, this trend is changing fast with the advent of sleek and ergonomically designed pieces of lighting and fans. It's high time to revisit the fundamentals of interior design. 

Let's relook at the very basic question of home interior design. How to select a ceiling fan? It seems quite easy and your first and foremost reason would be to choose a ceiling fan that allows more air circulation in the rooms. But, modern-day fans are way more equipped than this. So, let's understand the various steps involved in selecting ceiling fans that will most suitably complement your rooms below!

Steps to Picking The Suitable Ceiling Fans For Your Home

At the Lighting Gallery, we have a wide and huge collection of modern-type ceiling fans. Besides their functionality, these fans will level up the overall aesthetics of your home. Be it modern or traditional themes, following the procedure mentioned below will help you pick the perfect fans for different corners of your home from Lighting Gallery.

1. Where do you place the fan?

This involves estimating the appropriate room size and finding the right ceiling fan sizes that will best suit your corner.

2. Pick the style according to your room theme

Complementing the style of your room is extremely important. You would not prefer a single fan to be out of sync and spoil the entire look of the home. Hence, choose a modern or traditional themed ceiling fan. Along with the style, you could also choose whether you want a fan with or without lights.

3. Decide how well the fan works for your corner

You can think about the technical aspects a bit here. Check which mount type works best for your space. Also, decide how the fan controls need to work for you. Consider the room ventilation too to understand the airflow you require from the ceiling fan.

4. Set your budget

This is the final step! Once you get an idea of what style and comfort you want, you can narrow down the options that fit into your budget range.

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