A Quick Guide To DOs & DON’Ts While Installing Smart Controls For Fans

When you build your home, much of the effort goes into weaving in a ‘homely’ feel as well. You want every corner to reflect yourself. You would love to personalize them to every teeny-tiny extent possible. And, so is the home interior technology available today. Every evolving innovation is focused on how much you could bring in the ‘homely’ home feels in a smart way.

Installing a smart ceiling fan could be the first that you embrace to create a smart home. A smart ceiling fan basically means a usual ceiling fan but adapted to the latest technology to control its usage based on your needs. Say, you are back from a hot and humid day out and all you want is just to snuggle into your cozy bed while the fan runs at full speed.

Ceiling fans with smart control will let you automate all your airflow needs in a few easy, simple steps. However, there are a few things to be taken care of before opting for smart controls for your ceiling fans. Let’s take a look at a few of them below!

Smart Fan

Things To Remember While Installing Smart Controls For Ceiling Fans

There are three ways to upgrade to a smart ceiling fan: 

- Install an in-wall smart switch, which controls an existing fan

A smart fan switch is pretty much the same as a smart light switch: Once it’s installed in a wall, you can control your fan using buttons, as you would a regular old switch. A smart fan switch also connects to your home network and can be set up using an app so that it turns on and off on its own.

The only disadvantage here is you have to know how to install a wired switch in your wall or pay someone else to do it.

- Add a smart hub or bridge, which adds smart controls to your existing fan (without requiring any wiring)

The Bond Bridge is a box you add to your home Wi-Fi network that copies and sends the infrared or radio signals from your ceiling fan’s remote control to your fan. The idea allows you to not only access your fan over Wi-Fi but also connect it with other smart devices and sensors. 

You could opt for a bridge or a hub if your ceiling fan isn’t wired to be controlled by a wall switch and you aren’t interested in purchasing an all-new smart fan.

- Buy an all-new ceiling fan with built-in smart features.

In-built smart fans are high-volume, low-speed fans, which means they move a crazy amount of air while still being whisper-quiet and also exceptionally energy-efficient.

A smart ceiling fan with built-in smart features means you don’t need to buy a switch or a hub. But, these fans also tend to be pricey. And they require installation that may be too extensive for many DIYers, so they could bring the cost of an electrician’s visit. Yet, they’re a good choice if you are looking to upgrade your existing fan or are in the market for a new one.

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