How To Promote Your Well-being At Home With Adequate Lighting Solutions?

Lighting is not simply about illuminating the rooms or complementing your home's theme and designs. Appropriate lights have the power to influence your overall wellness in any space. That’s probably why you’ve noticed the use of dim lights in a meditation room at a yoga center. Or sometimes, an open lounge with ample sunlight is also preferred for yoga practices. These moody lights or direct sunlight will reduce your distractions to your surroundings, helping you to calm yourself and focus on your body's rhythms.

When you’re at home, you wish to be relaxed and calm. Did you know that home lighting has a major impact on your well-being? Seem surprising? Well, lighting can truly elevate or repress your moods. Toning the ambiance of every room is essential to enhance its functionality. Careful lighting choices will help you break away from bygone lighting systems and shift towards sustainable and effective lighting. So, let’s look at some interesting lighting ideas to boost your wellness and home.

How does lighting affect your well-being?

Lighting plays an important role in establishing the mood and significance of every space. Often, you might have noticed how the psychology of lights is well-incorporated in illuminating commercial or workspaces. However, we tend to forget the vital relevance of lighting in our homes.

Research studies show that most people spend almost 80-90% of their time indoors, away from natural daylight. This implies that they could be receiving low-lit lights for a long period; proving hazardous to their health in the long run. Hence, it’s necessary to add good lighting fixtures to your home so that your sleep quality and general health quotient remain well-balanced.

The key to lighting homes comprises two components - firstly, add more light during daytime; next, lower the light intensity at night. This will prevent you from sleep-deprived schedules and help your body maintain a healthy pace.

Lighting in bedroom

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Most often, inadequate lighting creates a tense atmosphere in your home. This will eventually result in fatigue and other disorders. Sometimes, these situations become precursors to depression and other mental health issues. Hence, striking the exact light balance will upkeep your wellness and make you stay motivated and pleasant throughout.

What are the various lighting ideas to boost your well-being?

Wellness lighting is a hot topic among interior designers these days. A particularly significant aspect of wellness lighting ideas is picking the right lighting fixtures.

The following pointers are a few ideas to fix the inefficient lighting at your home and improve your wellness. You can implement them effortlessly to make your home shine bright.

1. Do not overdo your living room

Whether it’s a spacious or a compact room, the living room deserves the best lighting fixtures as your guests are most likely to meet together here. So, choosing an illuminating ceiling light is of utmost significance.

Adding too many lights could break the mood of your living room. Instead, you could select a single light - like a pedant, chandelier, or flush mount. At the Lighting Gallery, you can find diverse options of ceiling lights to choose from.

Well-lit stairway

Photo by Maria Orlova

You could consider a glamorous and stylish chandelier from Regina Andrew to emphasize your huge living room. The classic light play of this focal piece will let you cheer your guests with brilliance.

If you wish to bring about some vintage charm, then a Cyan Design chandelier could add the desired elegance and stunning silhouette. Or, retain your home's contemporary style with Hudson Valley’s metal chandelier.

2. Use dimmers judiciously

Dimmers are real lifesavers on both your budget and your energy expenses. They are switches that help to control the light intensity. The use of lights can vary in your rooms from time to time. You may prefer only a faint light just when you’re about to hit the bed. Dimmers will help you do it without too much effort.

The biggest advantage of adapting to such smart lighting solutions is preventing the wastage of energy. It has a remarkable impact on your sleep cycle as well. In the long run, dimmers will let the bulbs last longer too. So, it’s a total win-win!

3. Personalize your lights!

Spotlight on art work in living room

Photo by mahmoud azmy on Unsplash

Home lighting is much more than affixing just the task lights. When your home reflects your mind, you feel more relaxed and happier. Hence, do not limit yourself to the lighting options for your rooms. Go creative and choose the lighting fixtures that you would love to adorn your spaces.

Add decorative lamps, sconces, vanity mirrors, lanterns, or table lamps to bring a personalized feel to your home. Lighting Gallery is admiringly galore with a wide range of such lighting solutions. You could include an unexpected glow in your rooms - hang a mini pendant from Tala in the small hallway. Or, decorate the reading corner with your favorite smoked light bulb from Buster And Punch.

If you would like to showcase your art skills, then you could opt for Hudson Valley’s lupe spotlight over the craft piece. You could consider enhancing your cute little garden and foliage with a Hinkley mount lantern too.

4. Refresh the task lighting frequently

Task lights would be the most used lighting in your home. So, it’s relevant to upgrade it frequently. Often, using age-old light bulbs over and over might drive you insane with exploding utility bills.

Renewing your light switches and fans is also of proper significance. You could even try to incorporate natural lighting to complement your task lights over time. Refreshing the looks of your home will turn out to be easy with regular updation of lighting fixtures.

Lighting up the foliage in home

Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

5. Layer lights in most rooms

Layering is an innovative and effective approach to getting promising lighting solutions for your home. This avoids a monotonous atmosphere by combining different lights according to the scale of your rooms. There are impressive ways in which you can fix the ambient, task, and accent lighting of your home.

The primary step before layering is to scale the dimensions of the room. This will help you find out the suitable size of the lighting fixtures without any doubt. Then, you could go ahead and select the lighting pieces. Layering will balance out the overall illumination of the rooms effectively.

Enhance Your Wellness At Home With Smart Lighting

The above-stated instances are a few among the hundred things that you could do to improve your well-being with optimal lighting settings. Besides, you could always secure your home exteriors with necessary outdoor lighting ideas

If you wish to implement the idea of energy-saving along with health & wellness, then adding more LED lights to your home will be the favorable option. At Lighting Gallery, you can find the perfect lighting fixtures to illumine your home!

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