Make These Lighting Ideas The Rockstars Of Your Home In 2023

Bored of the usual look of your home and planning to spruce up the aesthetics in this new year? Well, a mighty dash of conventional layers of lights has just gone off the trend. If you’re looking to upgrade the lighting fixtures at your home with a bold and more stylish statement, here’s something you need to discover. Say hello to the industrial lighting pieces!

Did it sound too flabbergasting to you? Sounds like, maybe you need a little brushing up on what industrial lighting and decor are! Industrial-style lights are mainly a sophisticated blend of technology and classic lighting design. 

With its appropriate combination, industrial lights can literally blow your mind away with their appealing elegance and timeless charm. Even if your home seems more traditional to harness the magic of these beauties, let us enlighten you with the fundamentals of industrial lights. Jump right in!

Industrial lights

Create A Flawless Look For Your Home With Industrial Lights

Gone are the times when glossy and glamorous made the style decisions of your home! Nowadays, the rough and matte finish of interior pieces and decors is trending. Industrial lights add up as a golden feather to this current swing.

Besides the concept that you need brick-like walls and firm beams to add the splendor of industrial settings is getting replaced gradually. Now, even with a sassy contemporary-styled, or traditionally-themed home, you can spread the wonders of industrial lighting. These fixtures bring a rawness to the overall aesthetics of your home. And, the key is to gauge the brainstorming ideas to make this perfect!

At Lighting Gallery, we have an ecstatic collection of industrial lights and fans that will make your home a beautiful and fashionable abode. Below are a few interesting lighting ideas, that you may adopt for your home makeover using industrial lighting pieces.

1. Tart up the ethnic elements

Upgrading a traditionally well-set room with industrial-styled pendant lamps may look seamless. Similarly, Hudson Valley Lighting Marnie 1 Light Sconces could be a great addition to your spaces, especially in the living hall or dining rooms. Its exquisite metallic body and intriguing silhouette will add an old-world charm to your living space. 

Brighten up your space with an array of unequally long pendant fixtures. Let the asymmetric view complement the breakthrough along with the industrial lights.

2. Create a quirky twist

Redefining dimensions using lights can be tricky. But, at Lighting Gallery, you will the perfect piece to do it! Instead of limiting the lights to their functionality and needs, transition them as decor items in your home interiors.

Ridgewood - 2 LIGHT PICTURE LIGHT is an ideal pick to add this twist to your home. It combines the goodness of manual functionality and tactile details, all within a single lighting piece. Such lighting fixtures with a unique design that gives you the chance to modify their length will instantly bring in a whimsical touch as well. Besides, some of them are designed to reposition the angle of light for optimal illumination which is a great deal to even out the lighting effects inside the room.

3. Add a dash of imperfect vibes

Juxtaposing the glamor of imperfect against perfect has a vibrant charm of its own. One of the best-selling lighting pieces from Lighting Gallery stands out to mark this blend.

Hudson Valley Lighting Haley 1 Light Flush Mount imparts a traditional yet elegant silhouette to attach timeless elegance to any space. It has a stunning metallic finish and compact design that allows you to mount it in any room.

4. Play with shapes and alignments

The deal is always in the details! While adding lights to your bedrooms or other corners, a neat mix of diverse and complementary-shaped pieces can be really fun.

This Regina Andrew Billie Concrete Pendant Large and well-attributes to its conical shape and sleek symmetry. It combines modern aesthetics with minimalism, bringing a charm of simplicity while imparting a contemporary feel.

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