Make Your Home Attractive With Various Styles Of Landscape Lighting Systems

It’s a sheer craft to transform your homes into appealing spaces for your guests and visitors. Often, outdoor lighting plays an impending role in heightening the home's overall look. With the appearance of landscape lighting systems, you can now make over your home with a distinctive style as you desire.

And, if you’re already wondering how to obtain any fascinating ideas for your outdoor lighting needs, worry not! This style guide is bound to offer a great start to it.

Why Should You Invest In Landscape Lighting?

Now, before exploring the ideas on various style statements for your outdoors, let’s crunch down some basics. Although outdoor lighting was initially meant for safety reasons, with the evolution of technology and designs, new lighting goals have arisen.

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The basic idea of outdoor lighting is to illuminate the exterior elements of your home such as walls, foliage, garden area, patios, and so on. These lighting options will enhance your home aesthetics considerably. Whether it’s to accentuate the newly-nurtured garden area or the grand walkway at the entrance, outdoor lights will brighten up your home and make it welcoming to your guests.

The major motivations to plan outdoor lighting can be briefly evaluated into two. Primarily, outdoor lights are the safety measures to light up the surroundings of your home during night time. So, remarking every corner of your outdoors is important.

And, secondly, you could consider spotlighting your external decor spaces such as bucolic walls, architectural brilliance, or a water fountain with landscape lights. Even a smaller residence can appear radiant with relevant lighting choices.

A Quick Style Book For Landscape Lighting Techniques

Layering lights is the most underrated rule of lighting up any space in your home. The following types are trending ideas on how to level up your landscape lighting to get the perfect ambiance for your home with the perfect amount of light:

1. Grazing

Well, do you find walls to be the most boring elements of your outdoors? But, not anymore! With a series of interesting lighting fixtures, walls can also be made appealing. Wall grazing is one such technique to highlight walls.

In this type of accent lighting, textured walls can be lit up with a closely placed light source. It adds certain deep shadows to the walls, making them look majestic. The angle at which the lights are placed does this dramatic magic easily!

2. Shadows, Silhouettes and Cross Lighting

Extrapolating the idea of grazing, you could bring on similar effects on any exterior object in your home. but, how? Just introduce a brilliant play of shadows, silhouettes, and cross lights - that’s it! 

Place the lights from above or below a tree, a bush, or any other exterior decor, and you will witness a lovely play of lights against the night sky or just, the vertical walls.

3. Patio lighting

If one of your rooms open towards a patio, then it’s s must to transform it into the comfiest corner of the home. Cause, patios are always cool spaces where people like to hang around. Hence, it needs to be warm and welcoming.

These days, the best lights that match the vibes of day as well as night are selected for patios. Adding warm ceiling lights covering the whole area is a great start. Sometimes, lanterns or even candles can make it seem more lovely. String lights could also add similar effect to the patio.

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4. Uplighting

Instead of simply hanging a flood light, we’re gonna go upside down in uplighting! This trend of placing lights on the ground or floor became an instant hit with its highly dramatic outcome. The leaves or other natural elements will beautifully light with this type of light setting.

5. Moonlighting

You could try experimenting with downlighting technique in many different ways. Bring in more warmer & softer shades to the flood light to tone down the illuminating effects. Place them at the highest corner of your home landscape; this will now resemble a sweet moon light, viola!

If you feel these ideas are too unconventional for you, then you could always jump in for the evergreen lighting styles. This includes adding accent or spot lights to special corners and lighting up the pool or fountain areas with intriguing series of lighting fixtures and bulbs.

Downlighting is another choice to enliven your backyard and the surroundings. It’s usual ritual of hanging a broad flood light to brighten up the entire area easily.

Some of the lighting fixtures you could consider to achieve that complete look of your home outdoors are Spotlights, Flood Lights, Step Lights, Garden Lights, Bollard Lights, and String Lights. An exciting collection of these and much more are available at Lighting Gallery.

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Highlight Your Landscape With Lighting Options From Lighting Gallery

Landscapes can be designed to look out of the box, with a tad little creative mindset at play. Discover the lighting choices at Lighting Gallery and find an extraordinary pieces to complement your outdoors. You could always pick from various types of spotlights, wall lights, light bulbs for string lights at our online store!

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