The New Era Of Technology: DC Motor Fans

Ceiling fans are an integral part of every household. Especially, in summer, they help ease the air movement and bring down the heat as well. Besides being easy to install, ceiling fans are way lighter on your utility bills too. But, recently, we see a shift from the traditional fans available in the market.

Trending appliances keep moving in and out of trend every season. Among ceiling fans, fans with light and fans with more fan blades were also introduced. However, there is lesser focus extended towards welcoming advanced technology-oriented products to enhance your home interior design. Mostly, it’s about style and the feel adding to your home aesthetics. It’s also a true fact that keeping track of every new invention and innovation is almost impossible. 

Yet, keeping track of the technical side of your home interior elements will be a good save. Such choices save not only on your utility bills but also in equipping your home with more comfortable and smart choices of interiors. So, here we at Lighting Gallery would like to throw light on a recently popular type of ceiling fan - Ceiling fans with DC Motor technology. Read ahead to discover how DC Motor-equipped fans are going to set the trend alive in the upcoming years!

Break The Jargon - DC Motors

Firstly, let’s look into what it means by a DC motor is. This will give you an insight as to how is it a better technology in the case of ceiling fans. Additionally, it will also give you a picture of how these ceiling fans could be your choice for your home interior.

The acronym DC simply translates to Direct Current. This implies that the current is flowing in only one direction compared to AC which means alternating current. Traditionally, when ceiling fans were up and running in homes and other spaces, most of them comprised AC motors. This was essential considering that the home supply of electricity is also AC in nature. AC motor fans are simple and easy to use, but they are not much efficient and cannot be used for improved electrical setup at your home.

This is where DC motors made their entry. The appropriate term to describe a DC motor-equipped fan is ‘Inverter Driven Fans’. Typically, a DC motor fan involves a technology where the incoming stream of AC current is split into 3 different components and then used by the fan motor.

Through this technology, you have more controlled access to the incoming power supply. It requires a specific control module that will help in channelizing the incoming power into 3 components. Due to such prerequisites, DC motor fans are more efficient and less noisy. Although you may have to spend on the expensive DC motor and module, it’s worth it.

You can have a calmer environment in your home with DC motor fans because they don’t emit the annoying sounds of a usual AC-motored fan. Yet, the choice rests upon you!

In the case of new technologies, you cannot totally rule out AC motor fans and claim DC motor fans are great. Rather, you can weigh your criteria and the supporting list of pros and cons before concluding with one particular choice! 

At Lighting Gallery, you will find an amazing range of lights and fans for your homes. We have intriguing collections that will suit your home aesthetics seamlessly. Happy interior designing! ;)

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