Transform Your Home With The Cottage and Farmhouse Collection

In any kind of space, you need to incorporate some fun elements of play to break the monotony and add a little drama. It can sometimes be hard to find a piece that matches your interiors without overpowering the look. To your rescue, the Cottage and Farmhouse Collection by Lighting Gallery has just the perfect pieces to add to your bucket!

Beautiful and elegant, the cottage and farm collection, extruding crystal and fun designs have a romantic feel. Light moves through most of these translucent fixtures, giving your bedroom or living room a gorgeous warm glow.

Add Extravaganza With Cottage And Farmhouse Collection

Here’s a look at a few pieces from this collection for you to explore!

Regina Andrew Lucia Ceramic Table Lamp is created for you to reminisce about the beach. This organically shaped lamp is fitted with hand-crafted pinched disks that bring the artist’s touch to each piece. Place it by your bed to feel at the beach! 

Regina Andrew Etoile Sconce shaped like a nautical star is a classic coastal piece. Each edge is raised from the star backplate to give a realistic look and maximize dimension. This fitting is perfect for all spaces in your home, be it the kitchen or the bedroom!

Quoizel Booker Outdoor Lantern has an antiquely shaped blending in with a texture of seedy glass and a soft silver frame. The rounded body and curved arm give it a unique dimension. The strong metal body adds to its glow. Best fit with an LED, to give great efficiency. 

Regina Andrew Charlotte Semi Flush Mount brings a bouquet of flowers right into your home! This artful piece has inscribed detail on cast glass flowers crafted on a natural brass fixture, making it a truly breathtaking piece of jewel. Add it to your dining area or living spaces for a mild feminine beauty. 

Regina Andrew Wisteria Mirror has an undulating frame fitted with an impasto surface, creating a truly artisanal experience! The textures, layers and solid brass body add a regal look to the mirror. Perfect for any space, add the Wisteria mirror to make your rooms feel more spacious and to get a touch of warm pop.

Create a glamorous modern statement in your master bath or closet with Regina Andrew Poppy Glass Semi Flush Mount, a stunning semi-flush mount. Candelabra bulbs provide beautiful ambient illumination through undulating clear glass discs, both affixed to natural brass rods of varying lengths that provide dimension.

The Cottage and Farmhouse Collection is one of the rare finds with each piece different from the other. If you wish to bring a feel of the coast and the woods to add to your homes, you know where to find it! Visit the Lighting Gallery to get some of the best pieces to complete your home’s look!

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