Dallago Associates, Hospitality Designers

Principals Karen Dallago and Sharon Dallago-Genden established Dallago Associates Inc. in 1984.  By 1989 the restaurant design firm was exclusively accepting hospitality work from the food service industry.  Their resume includes restaurants, bar/lounges, fast food establishments, hospitals, franchises and university projects. Dallago Associates specializes in projects requiring the integration of graphics with interior design services.  "We are presently developing concepts for franchisers and investment corporations requiring branding with a unique conceptual signature."

Acknowledging the tremendous changes in the restaurant industry in the last decade, this design group attributes the demand for their services to more than creating "pretty" spaces.  Design packages exclusive to Dallago Associates ensure that the client's requirements are communicated in details prior to bids or work being performed.  Dallago Associates' professional commitment is simple—"Our clients are making a sizable business investment.  Dallago Associates' role is to be their creative financial advisor.  A substantial return on that investment is our primary goal."

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