Discover The Charming Lighting Fixtures From Buster and Punch

Wanna bring a fun dash of youthful and modern design & elegance? The Lighting Gallery is here to serve you rightfully and opulently! You can make your home an interesting abode with the best use of cutting-edge technology.

Have you ever heard of the mighty lighting brand, Buster and Punch? Well, you can now find the stylish and contemporary lighting products of Buster and Punch in our catalog. This brand is the synonym for "crazy ideas going viral!" And, their inspirations have always been a wonder. Let's discover the full-fledged potential of Buster and Punch and hence, dive into what Lighting Gallery has in store for your home!

What Makes Buster and Punch Lighting Different?

Buster and Punch is a path-breaking lighting brand that makes unique solutions for your home or any other space. Today, it's even a world-known possession of London's interior design scene - their story is certainly mesmerizing!

Buster and Punch aim at transforming solid metals into cool lighting products that are highly efficient and with sleek looks. They even team up with street artists, fashion designers, etc. to create unparalleled designs that are unique and breathtaking. This innovative lighting brand has designed incredible lighting solutions for your home. Let's explore them below!

Buster and Punch lights

Diverse Collections Of Buster and Punch From Lighting Gallery

1. Chandelier

You could consider classic or tiered chandeliers from Buster and Punch for your home. With either 10, 19, or 31 light pendants made from solid metal, these chandeliers can easily complement the theme of a modern home. Most chandeliers from the brand feature heavy metal lights and exposed LED bulbs to lend a warm and ambient sparkle. You could effortlessly customize this to fit your space perfectly!

2. Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Spotlights are always tricky additions to your home lighting. Especially grand designs such as the ones made from stone powder or graphite powder-coated metal with solid steel or brass detailing are incredible. These fixtures capture light and create a delicate metallic glow while the honeycomb filter radiates a directional spotlight.

Buster and Punch light

3. Mini Pendant

Light pendants are interesting additions to make your home appealing. Made from solid brass, bronze, or steel, most of the mini pendants from Buster and Punch feature the branded cross-knurl pattern. This light fixture can be affixed to the ceiling and have adjustable lengths as well. 

You can always choose to reinstall a different room as per your wish. The mini pendants have a good bulb socket along with a matte black rubber cord.

4. Wall Light Fixtures

The wall lights from Buster and Punch are mostly made with a matte black metal cage and a polished white marble back panel. Besides the classic design for lamp holders and their signature coin screws, this lighting piece can be even placed in linear procession too for maximum impact.

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