Uncover More About The Portable Light Section from Tala

Planning to upscale your home lighting with more effective and efficient lighting fixtures? Well, discovering an interesting light brand could be tricky. You might have lined up certain goals to attain the specific aesthetics of your home. Hence, knowing more about the brands available in the market will add to it.

Tala is one of the most popular lighting brands, making lighting solutions for homes, offices, and more. With its quick escalation into popularity over the past decade, Tala lights are spread worldwide today. This energy-efficient lighting brand has a lot in store for you to curate fabulous lighting solutions for your home. Let's explore them below!

An Overview Of Tala Lighting

Tala lighting is a British brand that was launched in 2015. It was based on an innovative idea to achieve energy efficiency while also matching the classy beauty of an incandescent bulb. Hence, most of the Tala lights are designer LED lights.

The brand is a huge advocate in standing out amongst the crowd as well as addressing the major issues of climate change through small, yet powerful design ideas. Tala adds the element of sustainability with its sleek and unique designs.

At Lighting Gallery, you can discover a wide range of Tala products. Starting from exquisite chandeliers to simple light bulbs, Lighting Gallery offers a holistic touch of ergonomically designed lighting solutions from Tala for your home. Let's review these various collections of Tala at the Lighting Gallery here.

The Brand For Designer, Energy-Efficient LED Lighting: Tala Lighting

1. Chandelier


Tala chandelier

The unique Echo chandelier is a must-try option from Tala. It's the first-ever single suspension ceiling light that improves any interior setting instantly. Belonging to the Echo range by David Weeks for Tala, this chandelier is carved from the intersection of steel cylinders and seven delicate Sphere IV bulbs. It appears like a cloud with its fascinating lighting display. The bulbs are designed effectively to meet the functional and decorative aspects of lighting at any time.

2. Light Bulbs

Lighting Gallery brings about 20+ light bulbs from Tala collections. These light bulbs incorporate all the trademark features of the brand indisputably. Small, medium, large and extra large sizes of Tala Sphere, Tala Oval, Tala Porcelain, Tala Veronoi, Tala Enno, Tala Oblo, and more are available at our online store. With a wide variety of shapes, these light bulbs have been designed to return the warmth of a traditional bulb. And, the fully functional LED technology just adds to its beauty!

3. Pendants

Tala offers a contemporary range of pendants and mini pendants. At the Lighting Gallery, you can find almost 11 lighting pieces that encompass the style of classic pendant lighting. The sand-cast or wax-cast body has been complemented with matte finish glass in some whereas the traditional bulbs have joined all the way down of a circular canopy in others. The striking pieces could instantaneously spruce any interior of your home inevitably.

4. Wall Light Fixture

The Tala Lochan wall light is a distinctive masterpiece at Lighting Gallery. It's the perfect pick to add as wall mounting or to be fixed in the ceiling. Most often, this piece is recommended as a decorative light fixture for bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces. Tala Lochan is compatible with any Tala E26 bulb. However, it's usually best paired with the matte porcelain bulbs Sphere III and Oval from Tala itself.

Portable Lighting Options From Tala

At Lighting Gallery, we offer 10 incredible lighting pieces from Tala with portable designs. If you're looking out for lighting pieces that can easily be displaced to various locations of your home, then Tala lamps could be your best choice. Here are the various Tala lights you could opt for from Lighting Gallery:

Cordless Lamp

The Tala x Farrow & Ball Muse Portable Lamp is an elegant lighting piece that brings comfort and functionality together. This is the brainchild of an iconic collaboration between Tala and the mastermind color experts, Farrow & Ball. It's a timeless portable light that suits any and every corner of your home. 

With the vow and magnificence of the British pleasure garden, this cordless lamp combines the aesthetics of a classic lantern with ultra-modern technology. With the ability to be repaired over time, it has an efficient battery that can run for a long time. This majestic lamp runs on the Dim to Warm LED technology using a custom integrated dimmer. It can easily match any outdoor settings as well since it's rated IP44, making it weatherproof and most suitable for even the British outdoors.

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