Their love for working with rare, solid metals has led us to transform everyday  functional fittings into extraordinary home details.

From the light bulb, the dimmer switch and the pendant lamp to the door handle and the cabinet pull, they are constantly creating an innovative collection of unforgettable design details.

Buster + Punch's work is inspired by London’s fashion, music and sub-culture scenes where they collaborate with street artists, bike builders and fashion designers to inject attitude into our crafted products.

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      Bringing Elegance And Innovation To Your Lighting With Buster And Punch

      Whether it's the perfect lighting with LED bulbs with dimmers or decorative yet functional lighting switches, all these combined will help you create the most ambient atmosphere in your home. With leading innovation, impeccable design, and everlasting class, lighting and accessory options from Buster and Punch will leave you speechless. Whatever it is that you're looking for, Lighting Gallery brings you an exclusive collection from Buster and Punch, allowing you to find the right match for your living space.

      Buster and Punch US 2G Complete Toggle's polished metallic finish with intricate Buster and cross knurl, diamond-cut, or the Buster and Punch signature pattern makes it the light switch to not only lighten your home but also give it a royal touch.

      Buster and Punch Buster Bulb's exquisite design and crystal, smoke, or gold-tinted bulbs make it the perfect addition to your living space. Whether it's the dining or the lounge, you can be sure to add elegance and radiance to this piece.

      Buster and Punch CAGED WALL NCA's dimmable wall light made from a matt black metal cage comes with a polished white marble back panel. If you're looking to introduce some chic drama to your living space, this LED wall light is the one.

      Buster and Punch HOOKED 3.0's impeccable and unique design makes it a one-of-a-kind chandelier. With three pendants, customizable hooks, and intricate matte rubber detailing, this lighting fixture will surely dazzle your guests. 

      Buster and Punch EXHAUST / SPOT's graphite or stone powder-coated metal exterior with solid gunmetal, brass, burnt steel, or steel detailing makes it one of the chicest adjustable spotlights to illuminate both your home and your life. 

      Buster and Punch STONED's solid stone base and matt black lamp holder give it a sophisticated and polished look. This table light is ideal if you're looking for a piece to zhuzh up your dining area. 

      Brighten Your Home With Buster And Punch

      Lighting Gallery brings you an exclusive collection of lighting decor pieces from renowned design labels Buster and Punch. With their elegant designs, unique innovations, and signature charm, you can be sure to bring light and sophistication to your homes with these exquisite lighting options and accessories.