contemporary flair with elegant grace


Transitional timeless styles and a collection from our licensed design series. The architectural trend toward Great Rooms has led Minka-Aire to redesign some of the most popular styles with enlarged bodies and longer blades to circulate more air and complement the spaciousness of these rooms. Offering many design choices for the outdoors: rated for all weather exposure. Minka-Aire ceiling fans offer a wide variety of designs for the American home.

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      Add A Contemporary Flair To Your Home With Exclusive Fans From Minka-Aire

      Designed to cater to everyone's needs, Minka-Aire offers one the most extensive collections of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans to leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable all year round. With popular styles to fit into different visual themes like modern contemporary minimalism, timeless transitional elegance, and vintage charm, Lighting Gallery stocks one of the most extensive collections of these fans to help you find the perfect one for your dreamy American home. 

      Minka Aire Skinnie's flat white appeal, sleek design equipped with an LED light kit, and remote controlling options make this one of the most functional for a home looking for a minimalistic yet powerful fan.

      Minka Aire SIMPLE Ceiling Fan is the perfect mix of modern minimalism and functionality. With a wet-rated certification, remote-controlled settings, a powerful DC motor, an LED kit, and virtually undetectable fan blades, this ceiling fan will leave you returning for more.

      Minka Aire Xtreme H2O's mighty power and sleek design set it apart from the rest. With optimal automation and industrial sizing, this outdoors fan will leave you cool and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your time with your family and friends during outdoor brunches.

      Minka Aire WAVE 52" Three Blade Ceiling Fan draws inspiration from the ocean's graceful and tubular wave formations. With its unique design and power, it is the perfect and functional touch you can add to spruce up your living space.

      Minka Aire ARTEMIS™ LED58" Ceiling Fan's smart technology and innovative design make it one of the bestsellers in the market. WIth energy-efficient motors and an exclusive LED kit, this ceiling fan has everything you'll ever need! 

      Bring A Gush Of Air And Elegance To Your Home With Minka-Aire

      Whether you're looking for an outdoors or a housing fan, Minka-Aire offers some of the best-licensed fans to help you remain cool and collected during those hot summer months. With unique designs, energy-efficient motors, and remote-controlled settings, you'll thank yourself for investing in these smart fans. Visit Lighting Gallery's store or browse their online collection to find the perfect ceiling fan for your home.