Award-Winning Lighting Designs of Frederico de Majo

zafferano AMERICA

Zafferano America distributes the award-winning lighting and glassware designs of Federico de Majo of Venice, Italy. Their collections include decorative tableware and lighting for the hospitality industry as well as residential market. Zafferano products are functional, decorative and especially fun.

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      Opt For Premium Lighting Options From Zafferano America For Subtle Lighting And Optimal Functionality

      Zafferano America boasts of the manufacturers of award-winning lighting. Their exclusive glassware designs have made them a favorite in the hospitality sector and among many homemakers. Whether you're looking for decorative tableware or effective lighting options, Zafferano never disappoints. All their products are functional, visually appealing, and especially fun, doubling as decor pieces and lighting options to brighten up any space.

      At Lighting Gallery, we stock a vast collection of premium lighting options from Zafferano America. With these modern, cordless lamps, you can be sure to illuminate every corner of your home and your life. 

      Zafferano America Poldina Wall Lamp's touch, dim lighting, and sleek exterior make it a favorite among many homeowners to brighten up their outdoor space. With a 2.2 W LED light and over 9 hours of cordless illumination, you can be sure to add some drama to your porch while offering adequate safety to your home. 

      Zafferano America Home Lamp's unique design and modern body are perfect indoors and outdoors. With a one-touch on and off technology and around 12 hours of non-stop light, it is ideal if you're looking for something to illuminate and elevate your living space. 

      Zafferano America Sister Light Mini's metallic body and one-of-a-kind shade is a total showstopper. With an antique charm and the vintage appeal of a traditional lamp, it is the best lighting piece to have in your study or library to create a quaint atmosphere. 

      Zafferano America Pina Pro Lamp's funky arrow-shaped shade with a die-cast LED lamp and a polycarbonate diffuser makes it stand out among the others. It offers over 13 hours of cordless lighting, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If you're looking for a versatile cordless lamp that adds light and glamor to your home, this one's perfect. 

      Zafferano America Poldina Wall Lamp w/ Bracket is the perfect example of a vintage lamp in a modern body. Whether for your porch or by your gate, it is ideal for any outdoor space. This cordless light will brighten your outdoors and add a touch of vintage romance to your home.

      Zafferano America: Combing Vintage Lighting With Modern Solutions

      These pieces from Zafferano America harness advanced technology and combine it with traditional lamp designs to create the perfect resultant lighting options. If you're looking to bring some illumination and rustic charm to your home, Zafferano is the one.

      Browse through our extensive collection of cordless lighting options from Zafferano America on Lighting Gallery's official website, or be sure to visit our showroom in New York to find the perfect lamp for your home.