Floor & Table Lamps

Floor & Table Lamps


      Magically Light Up Your Spaces With Floor & Table Lamps

      Sometimes, even dull spaces can be transformed into intriguing corners with a little effort. If you are considering redecorating your old home or adding a little glam to a newly constructed one, you might want to know the little tricks and tips coming your way! 

      One of the most underrated pieces in living spaces and bedrooms are certainly lamps and lampshades. Lamps can become your budget-friendly tools to elevate empty corners, or bring an element of uniqueness to your interiors!

      So, here we have put together some of the most elegant floor and table lamps from The Lighting Gallery to help you explore options and find your perfect fit!

      Regina Andrew Dover Ceramic Table Lamp adds a nature’s touch to any setting with its lovely earthen tones and clean curves. You can fit this versatile piece in almost any theme with its subtle beauty. Such a piece is hard to find! Uniquely shaped, organic looking, almost merging with nature, and aesthetically pleasing; especially in natural light - this lamp is a collectible! 

      Tala Poise Adjustable Floor Lamp is a modern-looking piece of lighting that will remind you of the sleekness of a telescope! Adjustable and fitted with a height-controlling mechanism, this lamp takes barely any space, yet lights up corners perfectly! You can choose the Tala Poise in a Brass finish or go for the Graphite detailing to fit your interiors and get a complete look! Moreover, with the Dim to Warm technology, this lamp allows you to fully utilize the bulb’s capacity most efficiently!

      Slamp Fume Clizia Floor Lamp is essential in your living area to add to its shimmer and glamour! This lamp creates just the perfect balance of reflections and transparencies. Drawing inspiration from nature, this piece almost resembles a cloud capturing its first ray of the morning sun! The lamp comes with a magnetic anchor which you can connect to the ceiling or fix to the metal base to use as a floor lamp. 

      You will find a vast collection of lamps on The Lighting Gallery’s website in different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors! In fact, you can try and pair a set of lamps for large areas or pick one statement piece for cozy spaces. Keep your choices the best with The Lighting Gallery beside you, to serve you!