Building Evergreen Homes With the Traditional Collection

      When you are making your own home, you want everyone to reminisce about it: a home that makes people glaze in marvel. The traditional collection at the Lighting Gallery is designed for such homes.

      Every piece from the traditional collection is regal looking and adds a rustic, vintage look to your spaces. Here are a few unique pieces from this beautiful collection:

      Feiss Wall Lantern in its traditional gas lantern-inspired design brings a slightly outdoorsy charm to your home interiors. The dentil molding and beveled glass panes give this piece a sleek look. You must have this piece in your home to add to its elegance. Go for the color options that gel well with your palette: Black or Bronze with clear or seeded glass panes.

      Islip Wall Sconce will decorate even simple lamps and elevate their look. The Islip sconce is adapted from the traditional candle sconce. The whole piece is molded from cast metal, making it strong and durable. Finer details of this beautiful sconce are sure to catch everyone’s eyes!

      Quoizel Heath Outdoor Lantern is a rare design, hard to find elsewhere! This hexagonal lantern is made of strong aluminum and a seeded glass cage. Its domed roof and curved arm make a complete look that’s elegant yet classy. Perfect for your gateways and entrances, this one is just enough to light up your spaces bright and clear!

      Quoizel Newbury Outdoor Lantern is a versatile piece that will fit anywhere that you place it! Welcome your guests the royal way with this majestic piece at your front door! This brass lantern is a classic piece of decor that will create a mystical ambiance in your outdoors and add to your home’s rich elegance. If you are a fan of luxury designs, you must add this piece to your collection!

      The Lighting Gallery hosts all these and many more such traditional pieces of lighting. No matter what you are looking for, you're sure to find it all right here at The Lighting Gallery! Now, design the most elegant homes in town with the traditional collection and they are sure to stand out!