Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting


      How Smart Outdoor Lighting Can Sparkle Up Your Home!

      While a lot is spoken and done about home interiors, their exteriors often get neglected. Imagine living in a house that’s extravagant from the inside but dark and unappealing from the out! 

      As they say, “first impression is the last impression” - to leave a lasting impression of your home, you must carefully pay attention to its exterior. One of the most important elements to focus on is outdoor lighting! 

      As we know choosing the perfect outdoor lighting can be painful, we’ve put together some of the best outdoor lighting options at The Lighting Gallery. Here are some of our favorite picks! 

      Hammerton Terrace Candleabra Lantern has its own old-world charm. This light will create a timeless look in your walkways or corridors or you may even use them at your home entrance! The Candleabra Lantern is perfect for traditional architectural homes to bring in a timeless feel. Super durable, strong, and functional; these lights are made to last!

      Bover Atticus Outdoor Bollard is a decorative light specially designed to flatter your gardens and add a mystic charm! These small lamps can be spaced at intervals or under trees to create a warm atmosphere in your outdoors. Natural looking and contemporary, these lamps will merge with the surroundings, while lighting up your outdoors beautifully!

      Hinkley Outdoor Lakehouse Hanging Lantern features a distressed look, resembling aged Zinc, and comes in two color options. This lantern in its clear seedy glass case is ideal to light up your entrance door! It’s a stand-alone piece that can complete the look by itself. Simple, relaxed, and sturdy, this piece is designed to remind you of the old times and all your warm memories!

      As we said, good outdoor lighting can make your home look more elegant, and classy and brighten up its aura! The Lighting Gallery hosts several distinctive pieces of outdoor lighting, each different from the others. There’s something to suit all tastes and all design styles. So, wait no more and check out The Lighting Gallery’s exclusive outdoor lighting collection now!