About Us

We are The Lighting Gallery

Our relationships and partnerships are at the heart of our near half-century old, family-run business.

Lighting Gallery (LG)

Lighting Gallery (LG) was started by my family in 1973. Through years of hard work, my father established LG as the go-to lighting store for builders and the hospitality industry. My father and his team played a role in the creation of many Long Island cornerstone communities including Country Pointe Dix Hills, The Greens, the Hamlet at Jericho, Meadowbrook Pointe Athletic Club & Spa, and Pulte Homes Mount Sinai, as well as many landmark Long Island restaurants and diners.

Now, almost half a century later, I am proud to continue this tradition of excellence. With the efforts of my dedicated team today Lighting Gallery is recognized as the premier lighting showroom for the entire Metropolitan area.

Helping both individuals and the Trade, I am extremely proud we have developed a reputation as the trusted resource in the lighting industry. We consistently receive feedback from our customers about how helpful we were on their project. Often, customers come to us toward the end of their project. Tired, frustrated, and discouraged with the construction process; having already experienced many setbacks and cost overruns, they have come to the showroom scared to make “another mistake”, concerned they will be paying a fair price and also worried how they could best stretch their budget while not compromising on a look they want. So many times, when asked what they are considering for their lighting for their lighting, many of our customers say “I’m not really good at decorating”, or “I don’t care at this point, I just want this job done.”

Regardless of the scenario, we follow a simple customer- centric process.We take the time to listen to you, ask you relevant questions and propose solutions unique to you and your project. Time and again, clients have thanked us for being easy to work with, patient, knowledgeable, not pushy, and most importantly, have told us we validated their feelings and personal taste. At the end of their lighting project they are beaming with pride from making choices they put their own personal twist on at the budget they were comfortable with.

Along with our customer service, we also offer an 8,000 square foot showroom. It is the largest in Suffolk County and offers a diverse range of products. Each item is carefully selected for its quality and aesthetics, creating a uniquely curated collection not found elsewhere in the Metropolitan

region. Our team attends trade shows around the United States and Europe so that we can speak of and offer you the finest lighting available.

Our passion for finding unique products lead us to expand our offerings in 2019 to include bespoke clothing, jewelry, gifts and accessories at our second store, ALTER’d HOME. Located in the heart of Northport Village, AH celebrates eclectic taste, global adventure, and artisan craftsmanship.

We are committed to building a stronger community. We participate in local trade and business associations and contribute time and resources to philanthropic endeavors important to our region and those who impact it. We look forward to further growing our community with you in mind.

Sincerely Yours,
Michael Lichtenstein
& Lighting Gallery Team