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SLAMP: 30 Years

Slamp's 8.000 sq. m. atelier just outside of Rome is where Light moves beyond the expected, transforming into eclectic, contemporary and unique illumination that blends aesthetics and ethics, using exclusive materials and sustainable technology.

Slamp devotes itself to decorative design lamps, capturing the most current trends, drawing on the natural world,on architectonic, sartorial virtuosity and on artistic developments, transforming them into luminous objects, which are both suggestive and versatile.

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      Redesigning Your Home With Slamp

      When you’re building your home, you would like to pick only the best quality products, just like everyone else! In fact, your home is where you spend most of your time. And so, it’s important to like how your home looks and feels. 

      To achieve contemporary looks for their homes, many customers trust Slamp for its reputation. Slamp has been a pioneer in making eclectic, contemporary lamps since 1994. What’s so unique about this brand is that each of its products is handcrafted from unique materials in Rome with ideas from internationally-renowned designers. 

      Here are a few pieces of marvel brought to you by Slamp:

      Slamp La Belle Etoile Suspension draws inspiration from the twirling of a ballerina. Clearly, it is a piece of elegance, with a lightweight and feminine look. Completely handcrafted, this lamp is fitted with an LED source, making it luminous which can be adjusted to match your lighting requirements. 

      Slamp Kalatos Ceiling tries to replicate the art of weaving baskets, and sacks in a subtle piece of lighting. With a modern take on these historic elements, Slamp integrates advanced technopolymers. Choose between the suspended and ceiling versions from matte black and white colors. 

      Slamp Gemmy Suspension is a modern-looking versatile piece inspired by the polyhedric facets of desert gems. The lamp’s geometries create a kaleidoscopic effect that can elevate any space. The Gemmy collection comes in a range of unique color combinations to instantly rev up any home. 

      Slamp Clizia takes into account nature and its forms, creating a balance of reflections and transparencies. It illustrates a cloud capturing the morning sun rays with a play of light and shadow. This collection is meticulously made to meet high standards of grace, functionality, and modern-day usage. 

      Slamp Avia comes in two very unique colors of turquoise and ultramarine blue, fitted with 50 different layers of cast-back light. The layers create a fun, dynamic effect with movement and rippling light creating a play of solidity and void. Thus, creating a splendid perspective from all angles. 

      Slamp keeps up to its brand name offering great craftsmanship in each piece of art that they make. Slamp’s lights can transform any interior into a contemporary high-class space. There’s a lot more to Slamp’s exquisite range at Lighting Gallery!