Bover GAROTA Outdoor Pendant Lamp S/01
Bover GAROTA Outdoor Pendant Lamp S/01Bover GAROTA Outdoor Pendant Lamp S/01


The Garotas are part of a diverse collection of outdoor lamps that create unique environments and contain a common concept, the shade in the form of a sea urchin.

  • Design: Alex Fernández Camps | Gonzalo Milà / 2015
  • Typology: Pendant lamp
  • Net Weight: 3.11 lbs 
  • Materials: Aluminum, Stainless steel, Polyethylene, Syntetic fiber. 
  • Metal surfaces coated with cataphoresis and epoxy polyester paint.
  • Hand woven with a recyclable and non-toxic synthetic polyethylene fiber.
  • Light source protected by UV resistant polyethylene globe. 
  • Black waterproof neoprene cable
  • 8.4 W LED / CRI: 90 / 2700ºK WET 1122 lm light source
  • 120V 60Hz


Height: 78.74 Inches
Length/Extensions: 10.63 Inches
Ratings: Wet Rated


Height: 78.74 Inches
Length/Extensions: 78.74 Inches
Width: 10.63 Inches
Weight: 4.0 lb
Ratings: Wet Rated
Material: Aluminum Stainless steel Polyethylene Syntetic fibe
Family: Garota

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