Bover Tria Indoor Wall Lamp set 3
Bover Tria Indoor Wall Lamp set 3


TRIA is a wall light designed as a modular system made with led plates, which makes it easy to build up light clusters connected to each other by an inside structure. The TRIA frontal parts are made in white lacquer or natural oak and they can be slightly moved to offer a suggestive play of light and shadow around the organic shape of the diffuser. TRIA can be installed either as a single wall light or as a light module with a sole connection point on the wall which makes it easier to be installed in halls, offices and hotel reception desks and lobbies. A dimmable version is available.

  • Design: Ruben Saldaña / 2015
  • Typology: Wall lamp 
  • Environment: Indoor 
  • Net Weight: 7.05 lbs 
  • Materials: Wood finished oak, Aluminum 
  • Adjustable frontal. 1 Connection point. Surface back box: ø 4.72” 
  • Must mount on 4” x 4” junction box. 
  • 39 W LED / CRI: 90 / 2700ºK 4320 lm light source
  • 120-277V 50/60Hz


Height: 15.75 Inches
Length/Extensions: 22.44 Inches
Ratings: Dray Rated

set 3a


Height: 15.75 Inches
Length/Extensions: 15.75 Inches
Width: 22.44 Inches
Weight: 12.0 lb
Ratings: Dray Rated
Material: Wood finished oak Aluminum
Family: TRIA

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