self-expression and creativity through unforgettable design

Regina Andrew Detroit

Carla Regina, and James Andrew, founded Regina Andrew Detroit with one goal in mind: everything they do should electrify the room. Their home decor and lighting brand, based in the "Paris of the Midwest," hit that goal and then some as they've expertly blended form with function, adding a hearty dose of rock 'n' roll along the way. Their products are globally inspired and designed with natural elements such as alabaster, crystal, and marble, while brass and mirrored finishes bring Regina Andrew's signature glamour to the forefront.

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      When Self-Expression And Creativity Meet Lighting: Regina Andrew

      Comfort and ambiance are what make a house a home. Whether it's through decor that resonates with your style or soothing lighting, you can transform your living space with exclusive lighting and home decor from Regina Andrew Detroit. With unique options that expertly blend form with function, you can now browse through Lightning Gallery's impressive Regina Andrew catalog and find exquisite pieces to elevate your home. 

      Regina Andrew Ibiza Mirror's antique gold or silver body with its organic, hand-carved shape will surely add beauty and elegance to your home. Whether in your bathroom or by the entryways, you can use this magnificent mirror to reflect light and open up spaces for a fresh and clean feel. 

      Regina Andrew Charlotte Semi-Flush Mount has been crafted for all those nature lovers looking to incorporate its eternal beauty into their living space. With minutely detailed cast glass flowers and a natural brass body, this piece will allow you to introduce feminine elegance and sophistication to make your home warmer and brighter. 

      Regina Andrew Bubbles Chandelier gives your home the perfect light and airy feel. With tinted hand-blown glass globes, this whimsical chandelier can radiate light over an ample space giving your home a modern touch. If you're looking for a piece that stands out while being fully functional, this chandelier is the one. 

      Regina Andrew Bimini Sconce Single's natural woven rattan gives the scone a rugged, "washed ashore" look. With intricate looping detailing to add a nautical touch, this is perfect if you have a coastal home or are looking to incorporate rustic elements to mimic a tropical getaway.

      Regina Andrew Sigmund Pendant is the perfect mix of simplicity and minimalism. Its gold-leafed finish on the dome's interior and sleek design allows you to add warmth and sophistication to your home, making it a timeless piece you must invest in. 

      Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Living Space With Exclusive Decor From Regina Andrew Detroit

      Whether it's a classic chandelier or an intricate mount, your home will be the talk of the town with decor from Regina Andrew Detroit. If you're looking to introduce bold elements that stand out for their unique design and functionality, consider visiting Lighting Gallery's showroom or browsing our official website to see what they offer!