Cerno Lighting

Cerno Lighting


      Cerno Lighting is an intersection of modernism and contemporary design.

      Cerno’s mission is to design and build original products in California. To make this possible they advocate for creativity and ingenuity in every step of the process. Their philosophy is grounded in the utmost respect for the materials, the craftsmanship and their entire team.

      The company was founded in 2009 by childhood friends Bret Englander, Nick Sheridan, and Dan Wacholder in Southern California, where the creative culture and natural environment influenced their professional and aesthetic ideals.

      Cerno's lighting designs incorporate exceptional craftsmanship and honest use of raw materials like metal and sustainably harvested black American walnut wood. Sustainability is one of the core tenets of their process. Their line of sconces, pendants and lamps exudes an appreciation for their craft and the details that comprise a well-executed product. Their modern and contemporary pieces are fresh, expressive, and inspired by the natural environment of their hometown, Laguna Beach.

      Cerno also has a brand of high performing Art Lighting. Revelite launched a few years ago and emerged as the gold standard of wall and frame-mounted picture lighting. Revelite illuminates art evenly with high color rendering accuracy and achieves this in a clean, unobtrusive profile.

      Since the company's inception, Cerno lighting prides itself on energy-efficient and eco-friendly pieces made in the USA. Designing and manufacturing all their products under one roof, in the United States, facilitates building products with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. However, the production team also utilizes a handmade approach that pays homage to old-school makers. Cerno's vertical integration is inherently more efficient and results in high quality and fully resolved fixtures.