Bath Bars

Bath Bars


      Brighten Up Your Bathroom With Exclusive Bath Bars

      Bath bars are excellent options if you want to add color and light to your bathroom. Whether you're looking for lighting by your mirrors or along with your bathtubs, these bath bars and bath sconces allow you to create the perfect warm ambiance to help you make the most of your intimate time. With intricate bodies and dimmable lights, bath bars are some of the most effective lighting and decor options to transform your bathroom into a safe haven. 

      HINKLEY FLETCHER Single Light Vanity's chic style, seamless dome shade, cast-fitter, and elegant capture ring give it the perfect vintage vibe to help you spruce up your bathroom. If you're looking for a piece that's an amalgamation of timeless elegance and modern chic, this one's for you. 

      Hudson Valley Lighting Paige 2 Light Bath Bracket's unique design, plated body, and rounded glass globes make it the perfect addition to any bathroom. Whether it's by your tub or near your vanity, this bath bracket will brighten up the space while adding a touch of modern sophistication to it. 

      Savoy House Calhoun 3 Light Bath Bar's sleek and contemporary charm can add the most elegant yet romantic look to your bathroom. With a stylish body, 3 bulbs, and tapered cone shades, you can illuminate your space with this bath bar, making it one of the most elegant decors and lighting pieces for your bathroom. 

      Tech Lighting Bau 24 Bath draws inspiration from the Bauhaus movement to emit a subtle and radiant glow using integrated LEDs nested between thin metal plates. With a sleek body, this gives your bathroom the perfect modern and contemporary aesthetic, with an added touch of simplicity and minimalism. 

      Modern Forms Vetri LED Bath Light's hand-crafted artisanal Piastra glass is the show's star. If you're looking to dazzle your bathroom with the subtle charm of timeless elegance, this bath light is ideal. Its intricate glass texture is designed to capture and refract light to illuminate your bathroom, giving it a stunning visual appeal.

      Give Your Bathroom A Radiant Glow With Stunning Bath Bars

      Whether it's the bathtub you're looking to brighten or illuminate your vanity, bath bars are excellent for adding a pop of light and decor to your bathroom. Lightning Gallery offers the most exquisite collection of bath bars and bath sconces to help you zhuzh up your private space. Be sure to visit our store or browse our catalog online to help you find the best pick!