Wall Lighting

Wall Lighting


      Accentuate Your Home's Beauty With Exquisite Wall Lighting!

      If you want to add some drama and charm to your living space, wall lights are perfect. Not only will these intricate yet bold lighting fixtures help you elevate your home, they are ideal for an added essence of glitz and glamor. With unique silhouettes and customizable dimming, wall lights are the way to go.

      At Lighting Gallery, we offer an extensive collection of mountable lighting options that you can introduce in your rooms and by any corner for the best illumination. From exclusive pieces by pioneers like Regina Andrew to sophisticated lamps from Hudson Valley, you'll be sure to find the best lighting to help you compliment your home's overall charm and architecture. 

      Regina Andrew Bimini Sconce Single's natural woven rattan gives the scone a rugged charm to complement its rustic appeal. Its intricate looping detailing adds an adventurous nautical touch making it the perfect wall light to brighten up a tropical home.

      Regina Andrew Folio Sconce's exterior has been expertly crafted to create an effortless curved silhouette through its almost paper-like metal body. Its contrasting gold leaf interior peeks through the timeless curving, making any room come to life when lit. Ideal for creating a bold statement, this simple piece can help you elevate any space in your living space for a touch of glitz and glamor. 

      Hudson Valley Lighting Lupe 1 Light Sconce is a seamless hybrid of industrial, mid-century modern, and traditional designs. Its perforation shade couture mimics a spotlight hitting the stage. It also features an exclusive bowtie swivel key, making it highly functional and a sensational choice for your home. 

      Savoy House Calhoun 3 Light Bath Bar's sleek and contemporary charm gives sophisticated and elegant illumination to your bathroom. With a stylish metallic body, three bulbs, and tapered glass cone shades, you can brighten up your private space with this bath bar.

      HINKLEY FLETCHER Single Light Vanity's rustic charm, seamless dome shade, cast-fitter, and elegant capture ring give the ideal vintage vibe to zhuzh up your bathroom. This vanity light is perfect for sprucing up your private space with the right balance of tasteful decor and excellent luminescence.

      Bring Your Walls To Life With Exclusive Wall Lighting

      Whether you're looking to brighten up your hallway or elevate your sitting room with a bold fixture, wall lighting is highly functional and dynamic, adding a sophisticated charm to any space. You can mount these lights to create unique silhouettes or use them as statement pieces by drawing attention to their intricate detailing and designs. 

      Check out Lighting Gallery's extensive collection of wall-hanging lights, scones, wall-mounted lights, bath bars, and more to find the right pick for your home.