Decorative Wall Lighting

Decorative Wall Lighting


      Opt For Exclusive Decorative Wall Lighting To Brighten Your Home

      There's nothing like charming wall lighting fixtures to illuminate your living space. Their intricate detail, sleek body, and lovely silhouettes cast along with their luminescence will help you create the most ambient atmosphere in your home. These elegant decorative fixtures perfectly mix standalone decor and lighting options. You no longer need to spend tons of money. Instead, all you need to do is invest in these versatile decorative wall lighting pieces to help you elevate your living space. 

      At Lighting Gallery, you will find an extensive range of these exclusive decorative lights to add the perfect finishing touches to your home. No matter the architecture or aesthetic, you'll surely find something to complement your style. 

      Regina Andrew Bimini Sconce Single's natural woven rattan adds a rugged and "washed ashore" look to the sconce. Its intricate looping detailing adds a nautical touch making it the perfect choice for a coastal home. If you're looking for an exclusive piece to help incorporate rustic elements, this one's for you.

      Regina Andrew Louis Sconce's striking silhouette and sophisticated sense of style allow you to evoke mid-century Paris. Its antique-inspired accent dazzles with a hand-painted ornate birch wood body, antique brass hardware, and linen shade, making it effortlessly classy and ideal for any space in your home. 

      Hudson Valley 2 LIGHT WALL SCONCE's single swoop metal body adds versatility and high functionality, making it one of the most popular decorative wall lighting among interior designers and homemakers. Its body is designed to mimic a lit scroll, revealing its illuminating magic to create the perfect, soothing atmosphere. 

      Regina Andrew Folio Sconce's expertly crafted paper-thin metal body creates an effortless curved silhouette. Its contrasting gold leaf interior peeks through the timeless curving, making any room come to life. Perfect for creating a bold statement, this elegant piece can help you elevate any space in your living space for a touch of glitz and glamor.

      Use Premium Decorative Wall Lighting For The Ultimate Class

      You can completely change your home's look with the right lights and decor. Whether it's to help you transform your royal, vintage abode into a sleek and modern American home, these pieces are every designer's dream. If you are on the hunt for exclusive wall lighting fixtures to double up as decor, Lighting Gallery has got you covered. We offer an extensive collection of decorative wall lighting options from top brands to help bring your fantasies to life. Stop by our exclusive showroom in Huntington Station, NY, or check our catalog online before you book your piece.