Landscape & Path

Landscape & Path


      Add Some Drama To Your Home With Exclusive Landscape And Pathway Lights

      Investing in unique, one-of-a-kind outdoor lights to adorn your driveway and your home's landscaping can do wonders. From complementing your house's architectural design to increasing its overall safety, these versatile pathway lights can help you improve the functionality of your living space while adding a touch of class.

      Hinkley Carson LED Path Light's warm, rich light bronze tone makes every homeowner's dream. With a unique design, sleek silhouette, and rustic charm, this vintage-inspired pathway fixture is sure to blow your mind. 

      Hinkley Calder LED Light is perfect to set the tone with a touch of romance for an evening of perfection. These cabled lighting fixtures can be hung along sloped walls and ceilings for the most elegant set-up.

      Hinkley Nuvi Round Deck Sconce uses innovative composite optic technology to light up your driveway. Whether you mount them along your stairs or by the garden, these dynamic deck scones will be sure to brighten your home like little fireflies. 

      Hinkley Luna Step Light is a contemporary step light compatible with all decor and aesthetics. With a durable die-cast faceplate, you can rely on it to guide your home with safety and style. 

      Hinkley Spot Light adds all the drama and glam your house needs. You can light up your driveway like a red carpet with different mounting options, incorporating its glamor and effect!

      Hinkley Rex Medium LED Path Light's lamp-like silhouette and vintage appeal make it one of the best pathway lights for your walkway and drive-through, creating an impeccable and charming outdoor environment.

      ATTICUS Outdoor Bollard is a part of an exclusive edition of decorative lighting designed to give private gardens a magical and dreamy feel. Whether you place them under the shade of trees or between plants, you can experiment with these versatile lamps for the perfect ambiance. 

      Illuminate Your Walkways With Landscape Lighting

      If you want to make your outdoor spaces safer and brighten them up, consider opting for exclusive landscape and pathway lights from Lighting Gallery. Not only will these help you add more light to the space, but you can also count on them to elevate your home's natural charm!