Table Lamps

Table Lamps


      Choose a Table Lamp To Beautify Your Home!

      While once people picked extravagant centerpieces like chandeliers to beautify spaces, today is all about minimalist designs. People love to like it simple, subtle yet elegant. Table Lamps are one of the few pieces that, though not too loud, can instantly add charm to any space!

      Besides being an aesthetic element of decor in your home interiors, a well-lit lamp has multiple functions. Use it as a reading lamp, a night lamp if you’d like, or use it as dim light. More and more people are now replacing traditional bulbs with lamps!

      If you would like to explore lamps for your home or perhaps office, we’ve made a list of unique pieces! Read on to check it out!

      Cyan Design Cercles Table Lamp is a style statement in itself - beautifully illuminated, abstract and portable. The Cercles lamp is designed with interconnected circles, made from resin and wood which are coated in a shimmery gold leaf. If you get this lamp, it is sure to be the star piece in any room! This highly-functional lamp is sleek, with a clean silver drum shade, and just perfect for contemporary designs!

      Slamp Accordeon Table Lamp is a truly contemporary design, one of its kind. Each piece is handmade in Italy and carries a thin steel plaque on the side with the same inscribed. The design is made to prevent any accumulation of dust or dirt on it. Use this lamp to the fullest with its dual switches, one for the shade and the other for its base. With a uniform, cotton-like silhouette, this piece will light up all corners perfectly!

      Regina Andrew Dover Ceramic Table Lamp adds a nature’s touch to any setting with its lovely earthen tones and clean curves. With its subtle beauty, you can fit this versatile piece in almost any theme. Such a piece is hard to find! Uniquely shaped, organic looking, almost merging with nature, and aesthetically pleasing; especially in natural light - this lamp is collectible! 

      The Lighting Gallery houses these quirky pieces and many other collections that you can pick from. Based on your liking, find the perfect material, shape, size as well as colors! If you are looking for your new table lamp, The Lighting Gallery is the place to go!