A Home That Keeps Up With The Times: The Modern Collection 

      Gone are the times when people liked the idea of regal, periodic elements of design in their homes. In recent years, elegant, contemporary pieces are what most people opt for. Trendy designs when combined with modern lighting can make your home look posh while elevating all spaces. 

      Lighting Gallery hosts some really popular modern designs to match your tastes and your home’s vibe. Check out a few of them here: 

      Regina Andrew Ombre Wood Bead Chandelier with ombre’d lighting is a standout, unique chandelier. It has wooden beads in varying shades of blue to create a gradient effect, making it one of the most elegant pieces of lighting. 

      Taft - Light Wall Sconce makes minimal fixtures look classy. This sleek-looking sconce with fitted LED ensures great performance with long-lasting lighting. 

      Monte Carlo Maverick Ceiling Fan is designed to deliver efficiency while creating a sleek yet modern silhouette for your rooms. The hand-carved, rounded blades ensure all-round airflow, besides being fitted with a speed controller. Sit back and enjoy while you control this chic piece with a hand-held remote. 

      Fizz Light LED Pendant replicates the effervescence of bubbles that are encased in a  long rectangular glass box. These bubbles, lit with high output LEDs, come to life and are sure to remind you of glowing fireflies. Pick from Chrome and Bronze finishes to complement the rest of your interior details. 

      Cycle 18 Inch Flush Mount has a spiraling design that breaks linearity and adds an element of fun to your spaces. Illuminated with an LED mount, this light creates pretty sculptures and is perfect for your dining areas or the living room.

      There are several other elements of modern home decor, from mounted lights, ceiling fans, and chandeliers to exterior ornaments. You can get all your home needs sorted and now get a completely modern look for your homes exclusively at Lighting Gallery!