Outdoor Fans

Outdoor Fans


      Ergonomically Designed Outdoor Fans For A Breath Of Fresh Air!

      Elevate your home's style and comfort with exclusive outdoor fans. Lighting Gallery offers an extensive range of classy outdoor fans that you can choose from with excellent cooling and pristine elegance. Whether it's a contemporary style or a more traditional fan, this collection will blow you away!

      Hinkley Tropic Air, with its unique bracing and powerful motor, is one of the most versatile and energy-efficient fans in our collection that you can use indoors and outdoors for optimal comfort. Available in four distinct colors, this is the fan of your dreams. 

      Hinkley Sawyer's bold and rustic design can transform your outdoor time into a cozy and intimate affair. Available in several exteriors, this fan is straight out of a Dickens novel. 

      Minka Aire Skinnie’s flat white appeal, sleek design equipped with an LED light kit, and remote controlling options make this one of the best choices for a coastal home looking for a minimalistic outdoors fan.

      Minka Aire SIMPLE Ceiling Fan is an amalgamation of modern minimalism and functionality. With a wet-rated certification, remote-controlled settings, a powerful DC motor, an LED kit, and virtually undetectable fan blades, this outdoor fan will elevate your living space tenfold. 

      Minka Aire Xtreme H2O's sheer robust and contemporary design makes it the bestseller. With optimal automation and industrial sizing, this outdoors fan can be your saving grace during those hot summer afternoons. 

      Hinkley Trey LED is the perfect mix of chic styling and efficiency. With leading-edge technology, innovative design, and dynamic functioning, this versatile fan is every homemaker's fantasy come true. 

      Opt For Reliable Outdoors Fans To Beat The Heat!

      Whether it's for your patio or by your pool, there's a broad selection of premium outdoor fans waiting to help you enjoy your experience outside. If you're looking for practical solutions to improve your quality time with Nature, browse through Lighting Gallery's catalog or visit their showroom to check the wide variety of fans they offer.