Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley Lighting


      Brighten Your Living Space With High-Quality Lighting From Hinkley

      Crafted by one of the most renowned lighting manufacturers, Lighting Gallery offers an exclusive collection of chandeliers, lanterns, fans, sconces, and other lighting options from Hinkley. These pieces will bring lots of light into your life with unique designs and innovative technology!

      Hinkley Sawyer's bold and rustic design can transform any space into a cozy and intimate nook. With a unique design and an eternal vintage charm, this wooded lighting piece can bring your Oscar Wilde fantasies to life. 

      HINKLEY FLETCHER Single Light Vanity's chic charm, seamless dome shade, cast-fitter, and elegant capture ring give it the perfect vintage vibe to help you spruce up your bathroom. This vanity light is ideal for complementing your private space with a balanced mix of old elegance and modern minimalism. 

      Hinkley Calder LED Light's romantic appeal creates the most intimate atmosphere for a soothing downtime. These cabled lighting fixtures can be hung along sloped walls outdoors and on your study ceiling to help you add an elegant and sophisticated charm to your living space. 

      Hinkley Nuvi Round Deck Sconce uses innovative composite optic technology to brighten your pathway. You can opt to mount them along your stairs or by the garden for the most magical outdoors setup. 

      Hinkley Spot Light is ideal for adding drama and glamour to your home. Whether it's by your driveway or your porch, this spotlight will leave your home looking like a million bucks!

      Light Up Your Home With Exclusive Lighting Options From Hinkley

      No matter the kind of fixture that you're looking for, Lighting Gallery's extensive collection of lighting and decor from Hinkley has got you covered. These pieces will make you star-struck with one-of-a-kind designs, high-quality bodies, and LED lights. You can check out Hinkley Lighting's collection on Lighting Gallery's official website or visit our store on Long Island to find the perfect fixtures to complement your home's architecture and aesthetics.