Quoizel offers decorative lighting for the inspired home through high-quality craftsmanship, thoughtful designs, and timeless style.

Their dedication to best-in-class design is matched by their commitment to best-in-class service.


      Beauty With Durability: The Quoizel Collection 

      We at Lighting Gallery boast some distinctive brands with their unique designs and reliable product ranges. Among the many well-known brands, Quoizel is a popular choice among customers. Quoizel presents decorative lighting collections, curated with fine craftsmanship. Their designs are timeless pieces, each uniquely beautiful and distinct. 

      Here are a few pieces of marvel from Quoizel’s collection of lights:

      Quoizel Newbury Outdoor Lantern is made from solid brass and its design complements almost all architectural styles. The piece has just the right amount of embellishment with a solid metal finish. This classic design is sure to win hearts and get people to fall in love with your home exteriors. 

      Quoizel Kolt Led Bath Light has a luxurious feel to it, yet a very simplistic design with a brushed nickel finish. The inner glass piece is sand-blasted and encased within clear glass, to make your batch spaces look sophisticated and posh. 

      Quoizel Rue De Royal Outdoor Lantern comes from the Charleston Copper & Brass Lantern Collection and instantly gives out a historic look. It replicates the gas lamps, however, with the convenience of electric fittings. The solid metal frame adds to its charm while its energy efficiency meets the needs of modern households. 

      Quoizel Newbury Outdoor Lantern, Flush Mount is crafted out of solid brass and inspired by the classic Newbury design. This outdoor lantern will make your home exteriors look instantly regal with its elegant beauty. Fitted with clear beveled glass, this piece comes in multiple color options to match your home’s look. 

      Quoizel Marblehead Outdoor Lantern, Small is a strong and sturdy outdoor lighting with a masculine aura. It is amongst the latest designs added to the Quoizel Coastal collection. The dark metal arch fits the seedy glass like a vintage window. This mystic beauty in black is resistant to weather and is sure to last you a lifetime. Also, choose between options from the mystic black, palladian bronze, and fresco finishes.

      The collection doesn’t end here! Check out Lighting Gallery to explore more exquisite lights from Quoizel. Their products will leave you beyond satisfied with exceptional design and great quality. Each detail is put together just perfectly for you to have the best experience and even better service!