SONNEMAN a Way of Light

SONNEMAN a Way of Light


      Sonneman: Your Home’s New Highlight

      Born from designer Robert Sonneman’s ideas, Sonneman - A Way of Light, is a brand leader in designing sophisticated, contemporary lighting. It’s people’s go-to brand for modern lighting that keeps changing with the times. 

      Sonneman makes innovative products that have prolific designs and more importantly, great functionality. With over 1800 different pieces in this collection, the Sonneman product series is a trend-setter and the new modern classic. 

      Here, have a look at a few artful pieces and admire the extraordinary beauty of Sonneman Lighting. 

      Sonneman Coral Surface Mount with its flowy clustered lights can fit across any wall or ceiling. The curving design adds drama and character to this piece and the three lights highlight the forming patterns. Go for the soft white or the satin aluminum as per your taste to highlight your rooms and home. 

      Sonneman Linear Spreader LED Pendant is contoured to add soft edges to the meteor-like glass piece. A powerful LED hangs from a thin cable that carefully balances the heavy-looking meteor design while illuminating almost any corner of your home!

      Sonneman Hedron LED Pendant is a minimalistically designed piece made up of triangular frames connected with illuminated LED hubs. The 3-D hedron covers a large circumference for effective lighting while adding a beautiful element of design to everyday lighting.

      Sonneman Beta LED Pendant is inspired by the subatomic particle: proton and radiates a powerful LED illumination to mimic the proton’s high energy. This piece has connecting rigid triangular forms that give it volume with minimal elements along with a pristine glass to gracefully put together the look. 

      Sonneman Aquila Major is a reference to the mythological eagle, Aquila carrying Zeus’ thunderbolts. This extravagant design comes in two sizes and can be suspended either individually or together in a collection to add a magical aura of constellations to your space.  

      If mystical forms and ideas fascinate you while you’re still looking for an element of contemporary times, it’s the Sonneman collection that you must check out. Visit us at the Lighting Gallery to explore this vast range and choose from the best pieces for your dream home.