Bover ATTICUS Outdoor Bollard B/66
Bover ATTICUS Outdoor Bollard B/66


The Atticus bollard edition, designed for decorative lighting of private gardens, provides magical warmth to outdoor spaces. These small lamps can be placed under trees or between plants, giving each designer the freedom to create the atmosphere they want. A family of lamps that complements the rest of the Bover outdoor collection, representative of the brand's Mediterranean personality. Joana, founder of Bover, was born in Barcelona to a father from Majorca and is Mediterranean to the core. Blue is part of her DNA. It has seeped into her way of life and expressing herself, thus her taste for light tones, natural and noble materials, and for contemporary pieces that live harmoniously and seamlessly adapt themselves to our way of life. According to Joana, "It boils down to keeping things warm and timeless." That's Bover and that's Atticus.

Triac dimming system without switch

  • Design: Joana Bover / 2017
  • Typology: Bollard 
  • Environment: Outdoor 
  • Net Weight: 4.23 lbs 
  • Materials: Aluminum, Stainless steel, Polyethylene, Synthetic fiber.
  • Metal surfaces coated with cataphoresis and epoxy polyester paint.
  • Hand woven with a recyclable and non-toxic synthetic polyethylene fiber. Light source protected by UV resistant polyethylene globe. 
  • TRIAC Dimming system without switch. Does not include clamping lugs to surface.
  • 8.4 W LED / CRI: 90 / 2700ºK 1122 lm light source
  • 120V 60Hz


Height: 25.98 Inches
Length/Extensions: 7.87 Inches
Ratings: Wet Rated



Height: 25.98 Inches
Length/Extensions: 25.98 Inches
Width: 7.87 Inches
Weight: 7.0 lb
Ratings: Wet Rated
Material: Aluminum Stainless steel Polyethylene Synthetic fiber
Family: Atticus

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