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Bover Lighting


      Say Hello To Exquisite Lighting Options From Bover

      Unique lamps and lights from Bover are ideal if you’re looking for contemporary lighting options. With timeless designs and impressive silhouettes, these pieces perfectly balance quality and shape to match all your style needs! No matter the aesthetic of your home, you can be sure to find something to complement any space’s architecture for a sophisticated and classy look.

      Bover AMPHORA Outdoor Floor Lamp is ideal if you want to create a warm and ambient environment at home. Whether outdoor or indoor, its unique shape and size give it the perfect subtlety and discretion to light up your living space.

      Bover GAROTA Outdoor Pendant Lamp draws its inspiration from the mystic beauty of a sea urchin to help impart the most subtle warm glow to your outdoors. Explicitly designed to thrive outside, this is the perfect addition to your home garden!

      Bover GAROTA Outdoor Floor Lamp is an excellent choice to spruce up your patio or porch. With a unique sea-urchin-inspired shell and a contemporary design, this lamp is perfect for any outdoor or indoor space by your fireplace.

      Bover ATTICUS Outdoor Bollard is a part of an exclusive edition of decorative lighting designed to help you elevate your private gardens. Place them between plants or under the mystical shade of trees for the most magical and dreamy night.

      Bover CANDLE Pendant Lamp is an adaptation of a classic candle holder with a modern twist. Its energy-efficient LED lights and metallic body allow you to illuminate any space with a delicate luminaire for a poetic and luxurious feel.

      Opt For Exclusive Lighting Options From Bover To Grab The Most Romantic And Mystical Ambience

      Whether you’re looking to transform your outdoors or add some glitz and glamour to your indoor living space, Bover has covered you. With unique silhouettes, high-quality and weather-resistant bodies, and state-of-the-art technology, lighting from Bover is the way to go. Visit our exclusive showroom in Long Island or browse our online catalog to check out Bover’s entire collection before investing in the right one!